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Tithes and Offering

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about us.

Soul Harvest International Ministries has a God ordained mandate to impact the lives of people throughout our community and the world. We are committed to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ, and winning souls to God’s Kingdom. We present a biblical, faith-based solution to everyday issues that plague the human race. It is our aim to represent our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and through Him we are able to save lives. Thank you for visiting Soul Harvest International Ministries. Here you can stay up to day with current events involving our ministry and our pastor, Dr. Estella Ford.

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Dr. Estella Ford

Our Pastor, Dr. Estella Ford, is a woman of Godly wisdom. God uses her in the gifts to preach, teach, minister, and change peoples lives for the better. Below are the following key subjects she teaches on, however, new topics are subject to be included as she ministers under God's direction and instruction.

Faith is the currency of heaven. In order to receive the things of God you must have faith for them.


Faith which worketh by love. God's power can only work in your life if you are willing to walk in love.


Our relationship building/communication avenue to God through our savior Jesus Christ. Prayer changes things.


Dedication is the key to make everything work. Are you dedicated to the things of God?

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Our Departments

Because a busy church is a growing church
Youth Ministry

Growth and development. It starts with our youth

Music Ministry

Ushering in the presence of God Through song

Media Ministry

Spreading the word of God through Media

Community Outreach

Aiding and serving those in need is how you show the love of God


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Sunday Morning 10 AM

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A Live Word Broadcast

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Dr. Estella Ford is a woman of great faith, who has been anointed and appointed to preach and teach the Word of God. Her devotion to God and sprerading the gospel of Jesus Christ continues to impact and change the lives of others in an amazing way. For more messages from this woman of God be sure to subscribe to our social media and watch A Live Word on Cox channel 21



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Tithes & Offering

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Tuesday/Thursday Nights - 7PM
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Tithes and Offering

Cash App: $Sharvestocala

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2626 N.E. 10th Street
Ocala, FL. 34470