Dr. Estella Ford

Pastor Estella Lanetta Ford, D.D. is a native of Ocala, Florida. She is one of the four children, to parents Reverend Masters & Deborah Ford. She received salvation at the age of ten, while at Greater Hopewell Baptist church. After completing her general education in Ocala, Dr. Ford journeyed to Miami, Florida where she attended and completed her college education. Upon graduation, she pursued a career in the mortgage banking and finance field. Residing in Miami, Dr. Ford Married and was blessed with two children, now grown. Today, she has six grandchildren whom she adores.

Though she was experiencing a great career in banking, there was a call on her life that was much greater.

Miami was the place where ministry was birthed into her life from the inside out. At twenty-four years of age, and upon receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost, she was  solely under the leadership and ministerial training of her Pastor and mentor at Soul Harvest Miracle Center, Dr. Cora Lee Palmer. She served as armor bearer to Dr. Palmer for twenty-three years. While in this stead, Dr. Ford served in all areas of ministry. She was trained in pulpit etiquette and clergy sacraments. Dr. Ford soon became a missionary, later an evangelist, and in 1984 was elevated to minister.

In 1994, Dr. Ford was commissioned to pasturing, and in 1995 she was ordained in the ministry as Pastor. She returned to Ocala in 1995 and started the church which she continues to Pastor today, Soul Harvest Word, Worship and Praise Ministries. Dr. Ford’s Christian education continued as she attended the Billy Graham School of Ministry. In January 2000, she received her Doctorate of Divinity, and in 2001, she was ordained as an Overseer. Dr. Ford serves as a certified counselor, State Representative for HIV/AIDS, and is the homeless Liaison for Silver Springs Shores of Greater Ocala.

Dr Estella Ford, and the Soul Harvest membership are also active in the community with a feeding program. Dr. Ford is blessed because she has a heart for giving.

Dr. Ford is a woman of prayer and of faith, appointed and anointed to preach and teach the Word of God. Under the leading of the Holy Spirit, she does so with power and clarity. Dr. Ford carries a prophet’s mantle, and operates in the gifts of the Spirit. God has equipped her with an extraordinary ability to lead, and to serve. She lives what she preaches and teaches, and is completely dedicated to pleasing God and not man. She does not compromise the Word of God. Dr. Ford is a woman of excellence.
Dr. Ford’s motto:

“Let it not be said that a man caused me to be blessed.”


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